UI prototype in 2 days

Kick off your web app development

Are you short of frontend developers to get one more mockup implemented? Do you want to kick start the prototype of your web application? Need proof of concept implementation? Is your application's stack outdated and needs a new foundation?

Service steps

The Why and what

About Service

Why do you need me?

Missing developer

You have a great app idea, but you don't have a developer who would help you to kick off.

New to web development

Your company doesn't have enough experience in modern web development.

Unstable app

Your app falls apart. You need to refactor or recreate it using a more robust stack.

Busy team

You need an extra pair of hands for the new feature prototype, while your team focuses on other tasks.


Core Functionality First

I focus on the implementation of the heart of your project. You will have something to show off. Something that can help you attract the interest of developers, stakeholders, or convince your leaders.


Your features will get implemented in just a few days, and you will have a better idea of what to do next. You won't have to spend days comparing different libraries and getting them to work together.

Solid Foundation

Built with a modern frontend stack, well organized and easy to follow and understand. Next stages of your project can rely on the framework you will get.

Enjoy your weekend! Let me work on the problem in the meantime.

Save dev time - get your first feature ready before Monday

I can help you get your product started.

See the stack Book the date

How does it work?



After you decide what date would best suit you, send me a message. We find out a date and time for the initial call, where we would discuss your needs and what I can do for you.

About one week ahead


The requirements from you should be final around this time, and we would go through them on a call. Discussing the scope, tech stack, minimal required functionality, and eventual stretch goals. After we agree on these points, we would finalize the contract and sign it before Friday.

Friday evening (European time)


I start working on the project. Beginning with the stack setup, I draft the plan of work for the weekend. If wanted I would send you the times of my availability for chat and calls.

Saturday evening (European time)

A first draft ready

By this time, the most important portion of the scope should be getting closer to the final version. This is highly depending on the scope of work and type of project, but you would already see some results at this point.

Sunday evening (European time)

Final version

My part would be done, and I would present the result. Source code would be ready for hand over, along with brief documentation for the developers taking over the project. Depending on our agreement, I could be available for consultations.

Who am I

My name is Roman Damborsky, and I live in Brno, Czech Republic.

I love programming. I've always been coding and working on side projects. When it was Backbone in work, it was Marionette on a side. When it was PHP for a client, it was Ruby on Rails on a side. In house javascript framework? React on a side.

Since 2014, I mostly focus on creating prototypes and proof of concept solutions. This taught me to start with the biggest challenges first, and to pick what is important and has to be done first.

Working remotely since 2009, I save a lot of time that I would spend in traffic or on coffee breaks. It also gives me an opportunity to focus on the work and be more effective in what I do. Since I work for US-based companies, there's another benefit of time zone difference - I work when my colleagues sleep, so there's a bit more work done during the 24 hours cycle.


How much does it cost?


$ 2,199
  • 26 hours of work
  • Frontend: React, Redux
  • Backend: Express
  • Basic SCSS styling
  • Full source code
  • Access to live dev site


price determined
  • Specific choice of libraries
  • Focus on visual details
  • Additional technologies (database, logging...)
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs
  • Team training, detailed code walkthrough
  • ... and others


Find a date for your project

Unfortunately, there are no available dates. Please, contact me to find out about upcoming dates or to discuss your situation.

The weekends when I am available are highlighted in the calendar. Other weekends I'm either booked already or not available at all.

I keep this calendar up to date.

Please, consider the time zone difference - Friday evening starts around 5 pm CET (8 am PST) for me.

Under the hood

The Stack



A very successful library for building reliable, flexible user interfaces. Developed by Facebook, it gets a lot of attention and has a great community around it. You cannot go wrong by choosing React for your new project or mixing it into an existing one.



In more complex applications, redux helps to manage the state of UI and its data and makes sure everything is in sync. A very close friend of React and a popular choice among developers. Along with redux, few smaller libraries would be used.



Used for visual styling of a user interface on the web, SCSS provides an improved framework on top of CSS, the main styling language of the web. It allows for easier maintenance and saves time.



Express is running on the server and is used for communication with a database, file storage, and other services. The website uses APIs that Express provides to get actual data to the users of your web application.


Immer, Reselect

Some of the support libraries that make development and maintenance of web applications easier. Immer helps with immutable data structures, avoiding unintentional changes of data in the application, while Reselect makes data easier to work with.


Webpack, ES6

A de facto standard for these days web development. Webpack is the development friendly web server, making programmers' lives easier. ES6 is a version of javascript, the language in which modern web apps are written.


What resources should I provide to get started?

Depending on the type of the feature or scope you want me to implement, you might need to provide text document with specification or description. Visual representation helps in any form - hand drawn, wireframes, design specs. If you already have existing API, its documentation will help. Don't worry, we will figure out when we talk.

What is the level of detail?

On the side of business logic, I start with a happy path, to get the concept ready as soon as possible. After that, a scheme for handling negative cases or errors is added. However, don't expect a solution that doesn't have any bugs. There is a limit of what could get into the weekend of work. On the visual side, pixel perfect design is far from prototypes and POCs, and most likely, won't be part of the solution. At the time of handoff, I will prepare a document with known issues and next steps to take.

How would the result look like in terms of visual design?

I prefer to work without UI components library because that helps to focus on the important part. It's also better to keep this open until the proof of concept is ready. It's much easier to update clean HTML and CSS than it is to rewrite from one UI visual library to another. However, if the scope allows, we can pick a library to be used.

Could you use library/framework XYZ?

The base stack is given and described above. It is possible to add other technologies and libraries. You should consider if more libs and 3rd party dependencies move you forward effectively, or make you more bound to something you cannot influence. We would discuss eventual additions to the stack (or removals from it) at the beginning. Adding new layers to the stack would impact time, price, and the scope of the prototype.

Can I see some of the projects you already realized?

All the prototypes I create are covered by NDA. Unless a client's wish is to make the prototype public, I don't distribute it in any way. To see my work and references, the best way is to check my LinkedIn profile or send me a message and ask a specific question.

Contact details

How can you reach me?

My Location

Brno, Czech Republic

Time Zone


Skype (on notice)


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